Functions and duties of the department of Science and Technology

The Science and Technology department is a specialized agency under the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), which has the fuctions of advising and assisting the PPC in performing the State management over science and technology, including scientific and technological activities; development of scientific and technological potential; standard, measurement, quality; intellectual property; application of radiation and radioactive isotopes; radiation and nuclear safety; managing and organizing the implementation of public services in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Department in accordance with the law.

Duties and powers:

2.1. Submits to the PPC:
a/ Draft decisions, directives, plannings, long-term, five-year and annual plans,  scientific and technological projects; programs and measures to organize the performance of state administrative reform tasks in the field of science and technology in their respective localities;
b/ Mechanisms, policies and measures to promote scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, development of science and technology markets and advanced technology application into production and life;
c/ Document drafts specifying the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Department; deciding on the establishment and regulations on organization and operation of local scientific and technological development funds according to the provisions of law.
2.2. Submits to the Chairman of the PPC:
a/ Decision drafts on the establishment, merger or dissolution of units under the Department according to the provisions of law; setting up scientific and technological consultancy councils according to the provisions of the Law on Science and Technology and the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology;
b/ Decision draft on the transfer of the ownership right and the right to use the results of scientific research and technological development funded by the State budget within the scope of management to organizations and individuals according to the provisions of law.
c) Special decision drafts and directives falling under the promulgating competence of the Chairman of Provincial People Committee in the field of science and technology;
2.3. Guiding, inspecting and organizing the implementation of legal documents, plannings, plans, schemes, projects, mechanisms and policies on science and technology after they are promulgated and approved; information, propagation, guidance, dissemination, education and monitoring of the implementation of the law on science and technology of the locality.
2.4. Managing, organizing the expertise, register, grant, adjust, withdraw and extend all kinds of permits, certificates, registration papers, diplomas and certificates within the ambit of their assigned functions and tasks. Assigning, decentralizing or authorizing the PPC and the Chairman of Provincial People Committee.
2.5. Making plans and estimating for development investment expenditures, scientific and technological non-business expenditures from the state budget for local science and technology on the basis of the sum-up of estimates of the People Committee of district and related agencies. Monitoring and inspecting the use of state budget for science and technology in the province according to the provisions of the State Budget Law and the Law on Science and Technology.
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