Luong Hoa commune knitting-handicraft village

Luong Hoa commune knitting-handicraft village was recognized under Decision No. 1490/QD-UBND dated on August 7, 2009 of Tra Vinh province People’s Committee. 

Luong Hoa is 1 of 14 communes of Chau Thanh district; Khmer people make up 50,41% population. 

Luong Hoa commune knitting-handicraft village contributed to development of handicraft, attracted many free labors, increased income of local people, accorded with practical situation of the commune and policies of the Party and Nation on agriculture, farmer and countryside, promoted rural economic development toward industrialization and modernization. 

Activity of the village developed strongly at Base A, Base B, Binh La, Sambua, O Chich A, O Chich B hamlet. Especially, with numerous amount of Khmer people, cultural tradition and high skill, many delicate products were made like musical instrument, face mask… used in Ok Om Bok festival of Khmer people, helped to preserve and promote traditional cultural identity value. 

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